The MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter allows users to attach PL mount lenses to E/RF/Z/L mount camera bodies while taking advantage of an internal drop-in filter system. The accessory will launch on Kickstarter next month.MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter for PL Mount Lenses – Soon on Kickstarter

MOFAGE is a new Chinese company that has been focusing on the development of POCO, a new drop-in filter adapter for PL mount cinema glass. The accessory has many convenient features making it look quite interesting, especially if you’re looking to keep your camera package compact. So let’s take a closer look at it!

MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter: features

The MOFAGE POCO is a lens adapter with integrated rear-filtration capabilities. The accessory is designed for use with PL mount cinema glass and is compatible with camera bodies featuring a Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, or Leica L lens mount. Interestingly, the lens mount is user-interchangeable, so you can move between different camera models by simply swapping the lens adapter ring.

The system seems to be especially suitable to use with mirrorless and cinema cameras that lack internal ND filters. Also, it can come in handy when adding a matte box, as this would make things too cumbersome. Particularly, it looks like the company is trying to target RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR users, thus competing directly with products such as Breakthrough Photography’s Cinema DMF as well as KipperTie’s Revolva RF-PL and Strata PL-ND.

Another major benefit of rear filtration is that it works regardless of the front diameter of the lens. However, although POCO should work with a vast range of PL mount lenses, some of these tend to have a longer protruding rear element that can potentially interfere with the drop-in filter. For this reason, the company provides a clearance check tool in paper form to test compatibility.

The POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter offers multiple filter options, including Pure Clear, a remotely-controllable VND (ND0.3-2.4) with a 0.8 MOD gear, Black Mist, White Mist, and Streak filters. When inserted, the filter automatically snaps into the adapter, and can then be quickly released with the single push of a button.

November 28, 2022 — mornitem

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