POCO Drop-In Filter Adapter E/RF/L/Z Mount Kits


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Standard Kits
Package Includes
1*Mofage POCO
1*1-8 Stop VND 
1*Black Mist 1/4
1*Black Mist 1/8
1*White Mist 1/4
1*White Mist1/8
1*Orange Streaks
1*Pure Clear
1*Torx T8
3* Shim
1*Mofage POCO
1* 1-8 Stop VND 
1* Pure Clear
1*Torx T8

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PL lenses to E / RF / L / Z Mount

Built-in ND for Cameras

Simply rotate the gear to adjust frame exposure,

compensating for the lack of built-in ND in certain devices,

enhancing the overall picture quality.

Best partners: Komodo、Komodo X、Fx3、BMD 6K、S1H, etc..

Interchangeable Mount

POCO has PL lenses to E\RF\Z\L mount. What is very interesting and quite unique to the POCO adapter is that it utilizes interchangeable mounts.

Quick Change Filter

Your camera may have built-in ND filters, but POCO elevates your cinematography with easy filter switching. Just press a button to switch to Black Mist, White Mist, Streaks, and more, effortlessly customizing your setup while keeping it lightweight.

The auto-locking mechanism can easily lock your filter in place, you don't need to worry about falling off.

One poco for

Fit All PL Lens Filter Size

Only need to use one size of filter regardless of what lens size you may be running—setting it apart from traditional front filters.

Quick change lenses

With POCO, you don't need to remount your filter when replacing the lens, and perfect for easily changing the lens.

With a traditional filter/matte box, changing the lens requires re-installation of the filter or matte box.

Easy leveling

It helps to center the device's center of gravity, making it easier to balance the stabilizer.

Multiple Filter Options

Variable ND 0.3~2.4 Stop
Pro Duo Series(FSND & Glimmer)
Circular Polarizer
Black Mist 1/4 & 1/8
White Mist 1/4 & 1/8
Orange Streaks
Pure Clear

Variable ND

The VND filter doesn't introduce a color filter even at its maximum density. It has built-in hard stops between ND 0.3 ~ ND 2.4 to ensure no risk of an X-Pattern Cross Shadow.

At the same time, the VND filter can be manually or Remotely Controlled. It comes with 0.8 modulus gear and can be fitted with a focus motor, to help you smoothly transition between different lighting environments.

Black Mist

Reserve more shadow details while softening the light.

White MIST

Reduces highlights and lowers contrast to create a soft light texture


Unique light effect for Anamorphic Widescreen Lens.

Strengthened support

The Support is compatible with Arca Swiss and has a 1/4 Screw Design. Guarantees durability and stability without performance degradation.

Maximum PL flange depths

Certain PL lenses have a longer rear mount than others and this will make them unusable with the adapter. The POCO adapter is 24.5mm-25.5mm deep.

You can use our official test card to test whether the lens in your hand can be adapted with POCO.