Studio Kit - Magic Arm


Campaign Process

💲 Pre-sale starts on May 15th

📐 Prduction - Starts in June

📦 Shipment - Estimated to ship in late July, 2024

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PIVOT - Magic Arm With Damping Friction

  • Exoskeleton Design
  • Quick Release Screws
  • Real-time Angle Adjustment
  • Locking Force Adjustment
  • One comes standard with each kit

OCTOPUS - Flexible Band

  • Each kit comes standard with 5 strips

ALLIGATOR - 3M Dual Lock

  • Each kit comes standard with 3 strips

    Ships Worldwide

    Please note that this accessory is currently in the pre-sale phase and is expected to start accepting pre-orders on May 15th. The expected shipping date is set for the end of July 2024. Before shipment, we will once again confirm your shipping address to ensure the accuracy of your order.

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    Exclusive Accessories For Cinematography


    Introducing the new products for 2024 from MOFAGE

    This kit consists of three parts

    PIVOT - Magic Arm With Damping Friction

    Octopus - Flexible Band

    ALLIGATOR - 3M Dual Lock


    Magic Arm With Damping Friction

    Exoskeleton Design

    PIVOT employs exoskeleton design, making it lightweight and easy to carry, while also endowing the product with unique charm and modernity. Three color-choices are available to add a splash of color to your gear.

    Electronic Science Fiction

    We will combine bright silver with the brand's main color (purple), accentuated with green, to create a unique sense of technology and futurism.

    90S Vintage

    Applying the color scheme of 1990s electronic products to modern products crafted with CNC precision machining, we create a unique texture that combines mechanical and retro elements.

    Subvert Classics

    Black, as the classic choice, paired with a small amount of purple embellishment, brings out a whole new charm.

    Real Time Adjustment

    Unlike Magic Arms, adjusting the angle requires completely loosening the screw. PIVOT's newly designed damping structure has strong friction. Even without tightening the screw, the current angle can be maintained. When used with a monitor, real-time angle adjustment is possible, improving work efficiency.

    Designed by MOFAGE

    Quick Release

    Loosening the locking handle by one turn to release 80% of the locking force. Compared to traditional magic arms, it offers more convenient operation and quick response speed, saving valuable working time.

    Designed by MOFAGE

    Long-lasting & Durable

    Enhance the durability of the product on different levels and make it more cost-effective in the long run.

    Structural Optimization

    PIVOT adopts a toothless design, avoiding issue from wear and tear, reducing the risk of dropping, thereby extending the lifespan of the equipment.


    Any tool will experience wear and tear over long-term use. To address this, PIVOT has added a locking force adjustment function to ensure optimal performance at all times.


    MOFAGE offers replacement services for worn parts when your equipment reaches its limit, saving on equipment costs and reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution from metal processing.

    Crafted With Care

    We want to bring you a better experience.


    Thanks to PIVOT's strong support and lightweight form, it can be used in multiple configurations, even serving as a handle, greatly enhancing the flexibility of the equipment.

    Ultiimate Details

    The exclusive patented design effectively prevents the pivot arm from locking for extended periods, thus avoiding issues with the axis seizing up.

    Exclusive Customization

    During the crowdfunding pre-sale period, we offer silk-screen customization services, allowing you to have a unique product experience.


    Flexible Band


    A small band will give you a different experience

    Storage and Organization

    It can effectively secure tangled wires.


    It can be molded into different shapes, and can even serve as a phone stand.


    You can wear it around your wrist to prevent loss, and it will also become a fashionable accessory.


    3M Dual Lock


    Maybe it's common, or maybe you're just learning how good it can be. I'm sure you'll love it!

    Never Seen Before

    It can quickly fix your mobile hard drive to your laptop or secure Dtap power to your camera, so you won't be in a hurry when transitioning or moving!

    Secure! Secure!

    Strong 3M adhesive, with excellent adhesion, and it won't leave adhesive residue when you want to replace it.

    So Sweet

    With a thoughtful mushroom head design, made of Polyester material, compared to traditional hook-and-loop Velcro, the mushroom head doesn't need to distinguish between front and back. Not only does it have stronger grip, but it also prevents snagging on other plush fabrics!