Pro Duo Series- FSND&Glimmer


Pro Duo Series
Fixed Filters
Flexible Filters
Pure Clear *4
Glimmer 1/4
Glimmer 1/8

The Orange Streak is a special effects filter designed to render a single light ray from a point light source.

This filter features a single series of etched lines spaced 4mm apart from each other, which run across the filter surface. The filter creates the effect of elongated streaks horizontally from the light source usually seen when using an anamorphic type of lens.

The Orange Streak is constructed of high-definition optical glass, which preserves the original image quality without affecting overall color or contrast.

The anti-reflective properties of nano-coating help to reduce flare and ghosting.

Furthermore, the filter is water and oil resistant, making it simple to clean and shoot in inclement weather.

New Release

For POCO Drop-In Filter Adapter

MOFAGE introduced the POCO drop-in filter adapter in 2022, providing cameras with the effect of built-in ND filters. Now, to meet a broader range of shooting needs, we are launching brand-new accessories for POCO.

The remarkable feature of the Pro Duo Series is its ability to stack filters, allowing creators to achieve diverse effects by changing its filter. This grants cinematographers increased creative flexibility.

The continuous light reduction function makes it easy to tailor lighting conditions to specific scenes and shooting needs, ultimately placing control of the image back into the hands of the cinematographer.

Note: The fixed filters and flexible filters must be used together. If you do not require additional effects, use Pure Clear to ensure the correct focus.

About Pro Duo


The Pro Duo consists of two parts:

Fixed Filter & Flexible Filter


Simply press the button quickly, and you can effortlessly replace the flexible filters.


Through various combinations, the highest exposure can reach ND2.4. You can also stack additional filter effects on top of the ND

About FSND


FSND(Full Spectrum Neutral Density Filter) enables effortless control over light variations, reducing brightness without causing color shifts and eliminating distortion.

IR cut

Effectively remove far-infrared (IR) contamination to restore genuine skin tones, ensuring accurate and natural representation.

Scratch resistance


This filter not only features scratch resistance, waterproofing, and oil resistance but also significantly enhances its lifespan.

Designed by CDC

Kit Contents

Pro Duo - Standard Kit

Fixed Filters:

FSND 0.3*1, FSND 0.6*1

FSND 0.9*1, FSND 1.2*1

Flexible Filters:

Pure Clear*4

Pro Duo - Advanced Kit

Fixed Filters:

FSND 0.3*1, FSND 0.6*1

FSND 0.9*1, FSND 1.2*1

Flexible Filters:

Pure Clear*4; FSND 1.2*1

1/4 Glimmer*1 ; 1/8 Glimmer*1

Add on

Flexible Filters:

FSND 1.2*1

1/4 Glimmer*1

1/8 Glimmer*1